Dr. J. Mark Munoz is an Asst. Professor for International Business at the Millikin University in Illinois, USA. He is also the Chairman of an international market research and consulting company, Munoz and Associates International. Dr. Munoz is a graduate of MBA and PhD in Management. He has worked for over ten years in various posts in the international arena and has handled the roles of International Sales and Marketing Director for a retail group, Country Manager for Asia for a European Technology company, and Director (US & Asia-Pacific for a leading market research firm. He is a member of the Board of businesses in the US and Asia. He lives in Decatur, Illinois.

Executive Perceptions on Globalization: The Travel Industry’s Viewpoint

Research on globalization determines the travel executives’ perceptions on today’s business, communication, finance and investment, technology, government and economy, psychological impact of globalization and international education in the context of a globalized environment. With Thomas L. Friedman’s concepts on the features of globalization as framework, the study provides strategies by which the international executive can cope with the demands of a globalizing world.

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